Reading Time: 10 minutes Arif Novianto “The University cannot be a business and education cannot be a commodity. The…future of the University is at stake, and in this battle we will not put our arms down” – Camila Vallejo, President Confederación de Estudiantes de Chile (CONFECH) – “Social protests…are an expression of our freedom and our power to reclaim the streets. They reflect our ability to express what we think…Street protests are weapons to achieve our goals, including education”. -Alfredo Vielma, Former Leader Asamblea Coordinadora de Estudiantes Secundarios (ACES)- Pendidikan di Indonesia pada awal abad ke-21 telah memasuki era baru. Jika sebelumnya sektor pendidikan dikerangkeng dengan rantai “birokrasi pendidikan”(1) olehRead More →