Reading Time: 15 minutes “For many years, I’m willing to start off my work early. I begin at 6 AM even though our work hour starts at 7 AM,” N said, a 41 years old woman. It has been nineteen years since N worked at Kaho 2, Inc. Bekasi West Java. “What is the feedback from the company?!,” N yelled. “My line make clothes for Nike,” told N, that she works in the sewing section. “I made shorts for women. I must finish 200 pieces in an hour. 1800 to 2000 could be made in a day. If we are making sports club pants, we can make until 500Read More →

Reading Time: 17 minutes Twenty factory workers from North Jakarta joined the November 4, 2016 action in Jakarta.  As Muslims, they felt “called” by the posters they had received through facebook and whatsapp, appealing for jihad.  They had been frequent participants in workers demonstrations but this time they were witnessing something different.  Not only were there endless lines of people, but also, the leaders did not leave the streets even when they were attacked with tear gas. The 4 November 2016 mass action would be the largest post-Suharto demonstration on the issue of religion.  It was organized and joined by mass organizations using the Islamic label, as well asRead More →

Reading Time: 8 minutes Labor union delegations were not too happy  about the 105th International Labour Conference International Labour Organization (ILC ILO) recommendation. The conference did not recommend a legally binding international labour standard on global supply chain practices. ILC ILO is an annual event. ILC is the highest body that formulates program guide and elects ILO governing body. The 105th ILC was held on May 30 to June 10 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. It was attended by five thousand delegations from 187 country members of ILO. There were four main topics discussed, i.e. Decent Work in Global Supply Chain, Implementation of Core International Labour Standards, Revision of theRead More →

Reading Time: 9 minutes Introduction This writing will discuss buruh borongan system in a factory located in BIIE (Bekasi International Industrial Estate) in Bekasi District, West Java, the working condition caused by this system and how workers resisted it. Buruh borongan in this factory is a peculiar implementation of piece-rate system that has put workers in precarious situation for long time. The questions to be addressed are what is buruh borongan? And how is it implemented? How is the working condition and the labor resistance? In so doing, in the first section of this paper, I will discuss piece-rate system as capital strategy to increase surplus value. In theRead More →